Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New found friend

I used to think I don't like cherries. Blame it on the artificial taste of cherries found in cakes like blackforrest. I usually even abandon cherries found on top of ice cream sundaes. Until last Sunday I tried the fresh cherries my friend brought to the evening picnic, I realized they're actually nice! This is the first ever box of cherries I bought from the supermarket, half eaten :)


Anonymous said...

cute shot, nop! i like how the stems of the 2 on the back cross.

pleasantinterlude said...

haha.. I actually wanted to tie them together but it's too difficult, they just wouldn't stay put.

vmc said...

hehe .. same .. gue juga dulu ga doyan cherry gara2 cuma taunya cherry yg diawetin yg buat kue .. yg warnanya shocking green & red. sampe suatu hari gue makan fresh cherry di jerman ... nyam nyam